Dear friends!

Six years ago we threw ourselves into one big project, without having any funds, equipment, and with only a few pair of hands to work with. We just had a beautiful vision. But hard work and persistence payed off, and our Croatian Sheedog Working Championship grew from a dream to a reality.
One of the biggest rewards was a recognition of our work and enthusiasm by Mr. Damir Skok, the Chairman of Croatian Kennel Club, who repeatedly said that CSWC was one of the most important Croatian cynologycal events.
And now we can announce with an immense pride that this story upgraded to a higher level. Because, by the decision of Croatian Kennel Club, this year the event will be held under the name CROATIAN SHEEPDOG WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP for the first time:-).
After this decision great news just kept coming in – soon we received a conformation of patronage from President of Croatia Mrs. Kolinda Grabar-KitaroviŠ, as well from Mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Milan BandiŠ. Huge thank you for all the support they all gave us, and we hope we will fully justify the given trust.
CSWC would have never come to life without the help of KOSSP Zagreb and Croatian Kennel Club, and they are here for us this time as well. But there is always a ton of work to be done, so we would like to invite all the owners and fans of the breed, clubs and organizations to join us and help organize this world event. We believe that this kind of competition is the right way to show everyone exactly how big a breed our Croatian Sheepdogs are.
As for you, dear, faithfull competitors, we have no doubt you will train with a crazy zest, just like you always do:-). There are some World Champion titles waiting for you!

Croatian Sheepdog Club Zagreb



• 22.11.2016. - Start lists added on the "Competition" page.

• 06.11.2016. - Croatian Sheepdog World Championship competition venues added on the "Venue" page.

• 06.11.2016. - Croatian Sheepdog World Championship schedule added on the "Competition" page.

• 06.11.2016. - NOTE TO THE BIKEJORING COMPETITORS - If you don't have your own bike and wish us to rent you one for the competition, please send us an e-mail.

• 06.11.2016. - We have left a few days for you to revise your entries, but they are officially closed now. Big thanks to everyone who decide to come and were brave enough to enter some disciplines for the first time:-). See you soon!

• 01.11.2016. - Entries are open! Links to the online entry forms for the working disciplines and Specialty Show, as well as the catalog, are on the "Entries" page.

• 05.09.2016. - Croatian Sheepdog World Championship Regulations added on the "Competition" page.

• 13.07.2016. - By the decision of the Croatian Kennel Club, participation on our Croatian Sheepdog Specialty Show which will be held as a part of the Croatian Sheepdog World Championship, WILL BE FREE FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS:-)!

• 27.05.2016. - Hotel Zagreb has made special offer for us this year as well, so the cost of the room with one bed, breakfast included, will be 270 kn (plus 7 kn taxes) for our competitors, and room with two beds, breakfast included, 300 kn (plus 14 kn taxes). Fee forr the dogs is 50 kn (if there will be more then one dog in the room, they will charge only for a single dog). You have to book the room directly on the Hotel Zagreb's e-mail:, with the note "hrvatski ovcar". Do not book the room through the, because they will charge you the full price.

• 29.04.2016. - Official web page of the Croatian Sheepdog World Championship is online!